Mady Young

Park Church  |  Denver

Park Church College exists to help students know the love of Christ and walk with Him for a lifetime. Their hope is for the world to look more like God’s Kingdom through Christ’s work in true discipleship.  They spend time caring for the college students that attend Park Church and on the Denver Metro campuses including Colorado School of Mines, Colorado Christian University, Regis University, Red Rocks Community College, and Denver University.

   Facts about Park Church

    • Denver is a hard city to compete with for time or devotion! There are a lot of things going on most of the time and a very “live the good life” culture.
    • Park Church was planted in 2008 and has had a specific ministry for college students since 2016. Park College was established in 2021.
    • Colorado Christian University is close to Park Church. They meet a lot of students from CCU and they are all across the board in terms of their spiritual backgrounds, relationships with Jesus, and what discipleship needs they have.

   Prayer Requests

    • Pray that students on these Denver campuses would hear the Gospel, accept Christ, know His love, and walk with Him for a lifetime.
    • Pray for the Park College Team – that they would be obedient, full of wisdom, rest well, and care for their students with love.
    • Pray for deep, honest community in their ministry.

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