7th - 12th Grade

We are passionate about creating spaces and places for students to explore their faith within the context of a safe community of adults and friends who are committed to helping them grow. Plus…we like to have fun! We believe students need Jesus and matter so much to God, and we create space for authentic relationships to form and help students grow. We are here for ALL students, not just the ones who come to church on a regular basis. Come join us!

House Parties

Every wednesday night

House Parties are small groups of middle and high school students that meet weekly to hang out, watch our online Student Night Live, and have deep meaningful discussion about our lives and how Jesus fits into them and changes them. Oh and food, there’s food there too.

Please e-mail Pastor Stetson at stetsonb@cccgreeley.org to get signed up for a group.

coming up

ccstudent night

1st wednesday of the  month beginning January 10, 2024
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Zoe’s Cafe          

Join us for Student Night, an exciting event in the Belair Room at Zoe’s Cafe for 7th-12th graders filled with games, prizes, and an inspiring sermon from our NextGen Pastor, Stetson Beaman.

Email Stetson at stetsonb@cccgreeley.org for questions.

CCStudents central lunch

1st wednesday of the month beginning september 6, 2023
11:30 am – 12:45 pm

Everyone Table’s food truck will be serving food to all high school students on the first Wednesday of every month! We will be parked outside of the school with delicious food for purchase!

Email Pastor Stetson at stetsonb@cccgreeley.org with questions.

stetson beaman

next gen directional Pastor