College is a unique and incredible season and no one should do it alone. CCCollege is here to give you community, love, support and opportunities to experience life and share it with others!

Home Groups

Home Groups are small sized groups that meet once a week in a CCC family’s home to eat, talk, and to experience the depth of home and family while you’re away from home and family.

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1st Thursday of the month beginning Feb. 1, 2024
6- 8 PM
Zoe’s Cafe

Don’t miss College Dinner, a monthly event held every 1st Thursday of the school year at Zoe’s Café. It’s the perfect opportunity for college students to enjoy a delicious meal while studying or hanging out with friends.

If you have any questions or for more information, please e-mail Pastor Stetson at

Monday, APril 29
6- 8 PM
Zoe’s Cafe

Take a break from studying and join us for Finals Dinner at Zoe’s Café on Monday, April 29th. This event is specifically designed to provide college students with a free meal while they prepare for their upcoming finals.

Email Pastor Stetson with questions at

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