Ready to get baptized?

At Christ Community, we hold Baptism Services three times a year, with the next one scheduled in November.

At Christ Community, we believe that baptism is more than just a religious ritual — it’s a positive, outward declaration of our faith in Christ.  It’s a special moment where believers publicly proclaim their commitment to follow Jesus, marking a significant step in their spiritual journey. We cherish the opportunity to witness lives transformed by the power of God’s grace, and baptism serves as a tangible expression of that transformation.

As we approach a weekend dedicated to baptism in our worship services, we invite every Christ-follower to join us in this celebration of their faith if they haven’t done so already.  Whether you’re considering baptism for the first time or reaffirming your commitment to Christ, this is a special occasion for us as a church family to come together in support of your decision to be baptized.