Stephen Walter

Wings International  |  Indonesia

Wings International provides at-risk and underprivileged children of Asia with common necessities giving them the right footing in life.

Jesus wants to give all children wings to fly, so their aim is to provide them with the spiritual support needed to discover purpose and their God-given potential in life-so they can truly soar.

   Facts about Indonesia

    • Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods.”
    • The population of Bali is 4,200,000.
    • The main religion in Bali is Balinese Hinduism that 95.23% of the population practices.
    • The Balinese are known throughout the world for their artistic abilities through painting, carvings, sculpting, dancing, and weaving.
    • The Balinese’ main livelihood is rice farming and tourism.

   Prayer Requests

    • Please pray that the children of Bali will no longer have to sell on the streets by nightclubs, or get trapped in drug dealing of prostitution. Please pray that they can grow in Christ through Wings International’s outreach and that their futures would be wildly impacted because of this ministry.
    • Pray for the team working in the Northern villages of Bali where they have been facing spiritual warfare going into territory that has been closed to the Gospel for so long.
    • Pray for the spiritual blinders and enemy strongholds to be removed and for true freedom through the love of Christ to meet them.
    • Pray for the water project in Northern Bali where they are having problems with the pump getting water over the mountain and into an area that is known as the driest and poorest region in Bali. Pray for the key village leaders’ commitment and oversight of the distribution of the water.
    • Pray for more laborers to join with the vision of Wings International to bring in the harvest of Bali, Indonesia.
    • Pray for the health of the team, wisdom in each ministry, and for God’s love to be seen in and through them in every place they minister.