Toyo & Heather Sánchez

Cru  |  Mexico

In Cru Mexico, Toyo and Heather desire is to bring the gospel into every sphere of society by working concurrently with students, local churches, professionals and leaders, and digital strategies to achieve transformation and wellbeing within a city.  Toyo and Heather Sánchez serve in the national direction of student led movements in Mexico training leaders and helping fulfill the Great Commission through evangelism and life-transforming discipleship.

   Facts about Mexico

    • There are 4,344,133 university students in Mexico.
    • As of 2017, there were 5,343 college campuses across Mexico.
    • There general climate of the student population is of skepticism and/or indifference when it comes to spiritual matters.
    • Mexico is predominantly Catholic (although more in culture than in practice). In the 2020 census, 78% of Mexicans said they considered themselves to be Catholic, 11% Protestant Christians, 8% without religion and 3% other religions.
    • Because of the pandemic, Toyo and Heather have not been allowed back on college campuses which has led to a period of adaptation and transition in their ministry strategies.

   Prayer Requests

    • For guidance and direction from God as they lead campus ministry during this period of readjustment and transition (post-pandemic).
    • That God would raise up key leaders on college campuses with a heart to reach their classmates with the gospel.
    • That God would help them to have a good balance in our family life and ministry–that He would protect and bless their marriage and give them wisdom, grace, and love as parents.
    • For God’s continued provision so they can continue serving Him full-time.