Roger & Hiroko


As part of a locally-led non-profit in Asia, Roger and Hiroko serve a team which runs Redlight-Greenlight Home for girls (under age 18) and Beauty For Ashes Home for young adult women (age 18+) rescued from trafficking and abuse.  Women who love Jesus work in these homes, providing holistic care to help residents grow emotionally, educationally, physically, socially, spiritually, and vocationally.  Currently, both homes operate from rental sites, and they are raising funds to construct larger and better-designed buildings on two plots land purchased through donors’ generosity prior to COVID.

   Facts about Their City

    • It is a rapidly-growing metro area of tens of millions of people.
    • It includes a large diversity of language groups, religions, and economic levels.
    • It has a complex history of violence and anger, as well as of providing refuge for immigrants.
    • Rich or poor, most people in the city own smartphones.

   Prayer Requests

    • Pray that each girl or women who spends time in the homes will experience healing, transformation, and direction for a beautiful future.
    • Pray for the women who serve on the teams in the homes to love and guide the residents, as many stressful and demanding situations routinely arise.
    • Pray for provision of $1 million remaining funds needed to construct new homes for Redlight-Greenlight girls and the Beauty For Ashes young adult women.
    • Anti-Christian persecution is on the rise in their country.  Please pray for protection of their ministries and wisdom for local leaders running the homes who work closely with police and government officials.
    • Currently on an extended home assignment, each person in their family is receiving counseling, with the aim of strengthening their marriage and family relationships.  Pray that Roger and Hiroko will be in healthier positions to return to the ministries God has for them in Asia and so that their three young adult children will become settled in situations in which they can flourish.  Pray for grace and restoration.