Christian & Mia Rainbolt

Cru  |  Colorado State University

Christian works with the ministry of Valor (a ministry of Cru) and has the unique focus of reaching ROTC cadets in the northwestern states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. He seeks to help future military officers learn about a relationship with Jesus, be discipled in their faith, and be taught how to disciple others. It is their vision to send spiritually resilient officers into our military to serve with excellence and a Christ-centered perspective in all that they do.  Christian also serves in the Army Reserves as a Chaplain Candidate where he provides religious support to soldiers. 

   Facts about ROTC

    • There are 300+ ROTC campuses and Valor is working with other ministries like OCF (Officer Christian Fellowship) and Navagators to reach these future military leaders.
    • 75% of all military officers come from the ROTC program.  These years in college are critical to helping them understand the gospel and how to be someone who can disciple others. 

   Prayer Requests

    • Pray for their ministries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho as they are pioneering starting new groups on the campuses of University of Oregon, Boise State, Gonzaga, Central Washington, and Portland State.