Scott & Mary Petersen

Cru  |  Africa

Scott is a Field Strategy Coordinator for Unto (formerly GAiN USA), the humanitarian branch of Cru.  Their goal is to help Cru national teams to build spiritual movements by integrating compassionate care and the proclamation of the gospel.  Scott coordinates projects in Mali, Chad, The Gambia, and Liberia.  He also works with the Disaster Relief Projgram and has mobilized teams going to Panama City, Florida, and The Bahamas after Hurricanes Michael and Dorian.

Mary serves in the President’s Office as the Global Crisis Manager.  For six years, Mary has had the responsibility of equipping Cru teams across the world to prepare for and respond to crisis situations.  She works closely with both US and international Cru leaders and coordinates a team of 13 regional crisis managers.

   Facts about Their Ministry

    • They are based out of Orlando, Florida, but travel extensively.
    • They coordinate projects in 6 countries including Mali, Chad, Gambia, and Liberia.
    • Mary was the Global Crisis Manager for Cru for 8 years, but now she oversees the person in that role.

   Prayer Requests

    • Pray for Scott’s assessment trip to Chad and Mali later this year; for safety as both countries are unstable at this time. Pray for wisdom as they coordinate water projects with church denominational leaders.  
    • Pray for wisdom for Mary as she meets staff that have experienced significant trauma; that she may comfort and encourage them.  
    • Pray that Mary can also equip leaders to wisely respond to people in high conflict areas.