Don Orange

International Neighbors | Northern Colorado

International Neighbors-Greeley assists the church in overcoming the barriers to friendship with our Muslim, international, and refugee neighbors in Northern Colorado.

Immigrant Hope-Greeley assists our neighbors in finding pathways to legal residency by offering high quality, affordable immigration services.

   Facts about International Neighbors

    • Both International Neighbors as well as Immigrant Hope operate in Greeley, Colorado.
    • Both ministries operate on the foundational principle that all humans are created in the image of God…and are therefore our neighbors.
    • Both ministries invite followers of Jesus into relationship with our immigrant and refugee neighbors.
    • Both organizations are committed to serving our neighbors in Jesus’ name.
    • Both organizations are committed to being part of the healing solution to the deep divides so often seen and experienced between races and ethnic groups.

   Prayer Requests

    • For opportunities to assist churches and small groups to pursue relationships with refugees and immigrants in our city.
    • For the required Department of Justice accreditation for the organization and the legal representatives. Immigrant Hope-Greeley plans to open in September 2024.
    • Funding Partners for Immigrant Hope-Greeley as they seek to serve the underserved and those who cannot afford an attorney. Many with immigration questions, status challenges, and family separation live “invisibly” while silently bearing all of the stress and insecurity of their situations.