Matt & Michelle


Matt & Michelle help lead a global ministry that partners with Business as Mission initiatives in the 10/40 window, providing growth capital, mentors and resources to help these businesses thrive in difficult situations. Each of the businesses has a Spiritual Impact plan and desire to see the community transformed by the Gospel. They focus on the four bottom lines of impact: economic, environmental, social, and spiritual.

   Facts about Their Region

    • Less than 1% of the population are believers.
    • There is current persecution of the church and believers.
    • Business is a means to help a community be impacted.

   Prayer Requests

    • Because of their role, they need to travel about 50% of the time to meet with those who are part of the Business as Mission movement, speak at BAM conferences, meet with investors who want to see these businesses grow in impact and meet the owners who run the businesses.
    • Please pray for stamina and the ability to be present with each person they meet.
    • Please pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of people to draw them to Himself.
    • Please pray for believers to be strong in the midst of persecution.