Brandon & Melinda Dockum

CRM  |  Costa Rica

Brandon and Melinda both grew up in Latin America. Despite witnessing a huge growth in numbers of Protestants, in a predominantly nominal Catholic region, the potential for transformation in lives, communities, and society remains largely untapped. We believe that a unique and crucial window of opportunity lies before us, as the center of Christendom has already begun moving south. Out of a history of the gospel spreading in a way that truncates the Great Commission so as to make discipleship an optional program for “super-Christians,” the results are what we might expect: little transformation into Christ-likeness individually and little improvement in the culture and society at large. We believe God’s plan is to change that, and we want to participate. We awaken people out of the fog of religious activities and good intentions to a laser-like focus on becoming like Jesus – powerful agents of good – as a way to partner with them in transforming their communities and beyond.

   Facts about Costa Rica

    • A land of deep religiosity, but little morality (corruption and marital infidelity are unbelievably common)
    • Saturated with “macho” types, but few mature men
    • Huge economic potential thwarted by a crime rate three times the world average; while insufficient economic opportunity in turn contributes to high crime.
    • Every year over 2 million people walk from all over the country to honor the miracle maker patron saint “La Negrita” (“Little Black One”), the Virgin of the Angels, believed to be an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Participating in the pilgrimage is said to give the opportunity to ask the Virgin for something which will come true (such as for the health of a loved one).

   Prayer Requests

    • For God to send them hungry hearts and raise up leaders who are not only deeply, holistically changed themselves, but also who are available to multiply movements of discipleship to Jesus.
    • For their kids to have good attitudes toward school and good friendships for all four of them.
    • Pray for wisdom and help with the development of the discipleship/spiritual formation learning experiences of ProMETA, an innovative Spanish language Seminary. The Dockums are implementing discipleship learning experiences for Masters and Doctorate level students all over the Spanish-Speaking world.