Darren & Alicia

Asia (Serving in the US)

Darren & Alicia currently seek to share the best news with international students and professors at two Northern Colorado universities:  Northern Colorado and Colorado State. Many students are from Darren’s home country (also where Alicia served for ten years) and it is easy to connect with them to share the Gospel. Many international students are from countries difficult to access with the Gospel and Darren & Alicia have the opportunity to reach them here in the United States. 

   Facts about Their Ministry

    • There are close to 1 million international students studying in the US and around 2,500 between UNC and CSU. 

    • These students and professors are often lonely and under a lot of pressure. 

    • Often, the cross-cultural environment gets them asking questions about God and seeking out Christianity for the first time. 

    • These students sometimes come from countries that are difficult or impossible to enter and live as US missionaries. 

    • Darren’s home country does not allow the Gospel to be shared openly, yet students studying here are often extremely open. 

   Prayer Requests

    • Pray for God to continue to draw international students to Himself.

    • Pray for Darren & Alicia’s team to continue to find every way possible to make friends with international students and professors so we can introduce them to Jesus.

    • Pray for Christian international students to find community, grow in their faith, and join in outreach.