Dan & Karen Carlson

MAF  |  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Although Dan was born in Tandala, Belgian Congo, where his parents served as missionaries, both Dan and Karen grew up in Northern Colorado.  Since joining Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in 1985, Dan and Karen have served in nine different bases in central Africa and are now based in the US serving MAF’s worldwide ministry.  The five hopes of their team are: Searching — for new disciples; Strengthening — individual followers; Supporting — local faith communities; Serving — people’s holistic needs; and Stewarding — God’s creation.

   Facts about DRC

    • DRC is the second largest country in Africa, about the size of the entire USA east of the Mississippi River.
    • DRC has over 200 ethnic groups, with nearly 250 languages and dialects spoken throughout the country, many without a portion of their language in written form.
    • A 20+ year civil war has left (directly or indirectly) up to 6 million people dead.
    • Although the DRC is potentially one of the world richest nations in natural resources and minerals, the World Bank has ranked the country as the fourth poorest nations in the world when measured by GDP per capita.

   Prayer Requests

    • Direction for them after Dan reaches age 65.
    • Clear and accurate direction from DRC’s civil aviation as to whether Dan will be able to fly solo and/or continue to be Chief Pilot and give performance review and new pilot checkouts.