Rory & Claire Angulo


Rory & Claire’s ministry is focused on medical missions and evangelism and discipleship. They serve in medical brigades bringing free medical care to communities and towns with minimal resources as well as volunteering in the medical clinic that their church started. In addition, they are involved in various outreach and social service projects including sports evangelism, after-school programs for low-income families, refugee ministries, home church, and weekly discipleship.

   Facts about Ecuador

    • About 94% of the Ecuadorian population is Catholic.
    • The city of Cuenca has a population of 700,000 people with only approximately 30,000 Christians.
    • Ecuador has over 1.1 million indigenous people made up of 14 different indigenous nationalities.
    • The national poverty rate in Ecuador is estimated at 25% of the population.
    • Close to 1 out of every 35 people in Ecuador is a Venezuelan refugee.

   Prayer Requests

    • Spiritual protection for the new believers in their home church. They have noticed a pattern of people coming to the Lord, and tough situations occurring soon after. Prayer for Godly protection against the enemy’s attacks.
    • Raising up new leaders. They are at the point in which they have seen people give their lives entirely to the Lord but are still hesitant to step into leadership position because of feelings of inadequacy established by cultural guilt.
    • Financial provision. Due to several circumstances regarding mechanical issues with their vehicle (one of their biggest ministry tools) and supporting the ministries they partner with there, they have recently been in a financial need.