Emergency Care

If you are experiencing an immediate crisis or are in need of emergency pastoral support, call the church office at 970.353.1159 or email Cindy Chavez.

Paths to Hope

During times of difficulty and crisis, this ministry is a place where people can receive emotional and spiritual support through gospel-centered guidance. Please click here to request an appointment or contact Cindy Chavez.


When a family experiences a difficult or challenging circumstance, such as hospitalization or the birth of a new child, meals can often provide welcome relief. If you are in or know of a situation where meals are needed, please contact Cindy Chavez.

Caring COnnection

This ministry is for individuals within our church who are faced with unusual or critical short-term financial needs. We meet for an assessment to help provide wisdom, support, and perspective. To make an appointment for a consultation, contact Cindy Chavez.

hope abounds

If you are looking for greater freedom in some area, healing from past wounds, or greater intimacy with Jesus, click here to schedule a Hope Abounds Prayer session or for more information.

Cindy Chavez

Prayer + Care Pastor