Josh + Carrie Crider

Pioneers | Thailand

About their Ministry

Josh and Carrie, along with their four children, are currently serving in the Northern most part of Thailand in a city called Chiang Rai and have a heart for the Burmese community. They have a heart to see the Gospel taken to those who are unreached and have never heard the name of Jesus.

 Facts about Costa Rica

  • Only around 1% of the population in Thailand are Evangelical Christians.
  • There is an estimated 10,000 Burmese living in Chiang Rai and most are unreached.
  • We Have a heart specifically for the Pa-O tribe of Myanmar.
  • Within the Pa-O community, less than 0.30% are Evangelical Christians.

Prayer requests

  • Please pray for clarity of mind and patience as they study language and culture.
  • Pray their kids would continue to find belonging in their new home.
  • Pray for the people of Myanmar as they suffer daily and for the existing church in Myanmar to grow through the power of the Spirit.
  • Pray for teammates to join us to reach the local Burmese. Currently they are the only workers in their area with a focus on the Myanmar Refugees.